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Whether you need an ATM to get some cash or need to change your own currency to Malaysia Ringgit, Larkin Central Bus Station offers a number of ATM machines and a few money changers too.

If your Malaysia Ringgit spending money is running a little low and you're nearly out of your own currency too, Larkin Central Bus Station can help you out on both counts. Just head for one of the ATM machines to top up your cash. That should see you through until your next destination.

Larkin Central Bus Station's ATMs can be found at the following locations:

Bank Location
- Bank Islam (M) ATM-01(C)
- CIMB (M) ATM-01(A)
- Payments Network (M)   ATM-01(B)

Now, should you still have a little stash of your own currency and you want to change that to Malaysia Ringgit, no worries, just make your way to one of Larkin Central Bus Station's Sdn Bhd money changers:

Name Location
- Citibloom 5B-04(E2)
- Dinar Mulia KS-03
- Warisan Al-Wasi 5B-03(A2)
- Zahar Pengurup Wang   KS-15

Any questions about the ATMs or about changing your currency Larkin Central Bus Station? Let us know here.
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