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Kuala Lumpur isn't just a bustling business centre or the capital of Malaysia. Take for instance its modern skyline, dominated as it is by the Petronas Towers. This awesome duo of contemporary glass-and-steel skyscrapers is almost half a kilometer tall. Small wonder that Kuala Lumpur is the envy of a good number of other capitals.

But Kuala Lumpur is more. It's an eclectic, stunning hub of culture, cuisine, class and tradition as well. It's an absolute Southeast Asian gem. In fact, it's safe to say that Kuala Lumpur, affectionately known as KL, is the prototype of the happening modern-day metropolis and, as such, an absolute must-visit destination. And did we mention the cuisine? Truly heavenly...

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As if all of that isn't reason enough to put KL on your bucket list, then possibly its awesome accessibility is. Whether you go by bus, coach, train or taxi, KL is the picture of excellent infrastructure.

Kuala Lumpur - Breathtaking, beautiful, colourful
Kuala Lumpur - Breathtaking, beautiful, colourful

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