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To keep waiting to a minimum, it's best to book your Causeway Link bus tickets in advance. That way, you'll be on your bus faster than you can say "online booking"

By far the easiest way to make sure your journey is trouble-free is to book as much as you can in advance. Of course that's easy nowadays, since just about everything can be booked online.

By booking your bus tickets online you enjoy the confidence that your seats are yours and yours alone. You won't need to worry about the bus being fully booked, for example. Pro Tip: If you're traveling on or around the weekend, during public holidays or school holidays, booking your journey online makes even more sense, since these are the days that demand always outstrips the supply of tickets.

Peak season

Apart from the annual Hari Raya, Christmas, Chinese New Year and Dewali festivals, the July to September period also tends to be a very busy stretch. In view of the heavy traffic, big crowds and usually long queues that are a given during these national holidays.

NOTE: Absolute peak is !

With this is mind, booking your tickets in advance, ie online, can be the difference between smooth sailing and spending your time waiting and queueing. Or worse; the last thing you want is to miss your onward journey, or having to search for a last-minute hotel room after discovering that the last bus for the day is also fully booked.

Larkin Central Bus Station's sheltered boarding area
Larkin Central Bus Station's sheltered boarding area

Note: Whilst your confirmation email/e-tickets are sent to you when upon completion of your online booking payment, you'll need to have the PDF files printed out at the Larkin Central Bus Station ticket counters during ticket collection. Why? Because once printed, your paper ticket serves as your boarding pass. The QR code it contains provides access to your bus gate by means of the electronic ticket scanner gantry.

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Booking your Causeway Links tickets online is recommended