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Concerned about the safety of your vehicle when you take the Causeway Link bus to your Malaysia destination? No need, because Larkin offers a secure car park

The Larkin Central Bus Station car park is secure and offers more than 400 separate car lots.

The car park is located immediately adjacent to Larkin Central Bus Station, so parking your vehicle here is quite convenient. From the car park to Larkin Central Bus Station itself is less than a minute's stroll. This is ideal, since most travelers will be bringing along some luggage. But at Larkin car park, with or without luggage, you'll be inside Larkin Central Bus Station in a jiffy.

Additionally, Larkin Central Bus Station car park offers both shaded section and non-shaded sections, so you can choose which one you prefer. Do, however, keep in mind that there may not be any spaces left in the section you prefer.

Larkin Central Bus Station Car Park
Larkin Central Bus Station Car Park

Parking Your Car

If you're traveling during off-peak time, you can just enter the car park and park your car when you've located an empty space. Upon returning from your trip, whether a day trip or longer, just make your way to the car park payment station for payment. The payment station is marked Kaunter Bayaran, so you won't miss it.

Once you've made payment, you'll receive a receipt, after which you exit the car park.

Larkin Central Bus Station Car Park Payment Office
Larkin Central Bus Station Car Park Payment Office

Reserving A Car Park Space

During busy periods, such as school holidays, public holidays, as well as during the peak season, reserving a car park space in advance is advisable, because the car park tends to fill up quickly during these times. Incidentally, for obvious reasons, the car park tends to be full on weekends too.

More details on parking your vehicle at Larkin Central Bus Station? Let us know here.
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