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Whether it's a proper meal or just feel like having a snack whilst you're on the move, take your pick from the various food outlets at Larkin Central Bus Station

If you're lucky, you'll have a couple of hours before your bus or coach departs from Larkin Central Bus Station. Why lucky? Because then you can use this time to treat yourself to a tasty "makan" at one of the dozens of eateries at Larkin. Whether you're yearning for a spicy traditional dish or some western food, you won't need to go far.

Perhaps you're craving some fast-food? Well, take your pick, since there's plenty of choice on that front too here.

Come and get it

Take your time savouring your scrumptuous feast at one of Larkin's food courts. Or enjoy a sandwich or burger at one of the respective lunchroom eateries dedicated to a quick sit-down refreshment.

Spicy seafood noodles
Spicy seafood noodles

Then again, you may literally only have a minute or so whilst you rush to board your bus. In that case, why not grab a "take-away" from one of the restaurants. You'll be able to polish off your meal at your leisure during your journey. How's that for multi-asking?

Whatever your itinerary or preference, at Larkin, be it a full-on square meal or just a snack, you'll be spoilt for choice.

Bon appetit!

Any questions about the food and/or the beverages available at Larkin Central Bus Station? Let us know here.
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