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Malaysia's KTMB train system arguably offers most bang for your buck, certainly in terms of sheer distance covered, since its railway network is vast and ticket pricing is cheap

Apart from the superb bus connections in this neck of the woods, you'll find that you can also get around very efficiently by train in Malaysia. The train railways are called KTMB, which means Keratapi Malaysia Berhad. Interestingly, the "Keretapi" part means fire-car, a throwback to the days trains were coalfire-powered.

If you know you'll be covering great distances during your Malaysia holidays and you enjoy the soothing swaying motion and clickety-clack of the train, then consider taking this mode of transport. Typically, the train is better at covering long distances, as it's quite a bit faster than the bus. But also, you tend to have a bit more creature comforts in a train car. More cabin space, larger seating, that sort of thing.

Going by train in Malaysia

And of course whilst traveling along a train track, there are fewer potential traffic issues, like poor lighting, potholes etc. All in all, the train is a very viable alternative for bus travel, especially if you're going way, way cross-country.

ETS Train

Trains designated as so-called ETS Trains offer interesting additional options for travelers who appreciate a little extra comfort and convenience. If budget is not really an issue or if you're a senior traveler or OKU traveler, then take a look at the ETS facilities offered.

ETS facilities include a F&B bar, typically located in Carriage C. Food and drinks are available here. Also good to know is that the lavatory can be found in Carriages B and C. The handicap lavatory is available in Carriage D.

Furthermore, ETS trains offer a surau, typically in Carriage C.

KTM Intercity

Similarly, KTMB's Intercity trains also offer a little extra service. For instance, there are two types of KTM Intercity trains: Superior Class and Superior Night Class. They're similar, apart from the fact that the Superior Night Class offer sleeper compartment. Definitely worth it when traveling along Malaysia's north-south axis.

Additionally, meals and beverages are available at the Buffet Carriage. And lavatories are found along the length of the train. Plus Intercities offer a surau.

Ok, once you've booked your train tickets online, for example below, just head for JB Sentral, at the Malaysia Immigration Complex, also known as CIQ.

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