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Booking your journey online, ideally a few weeks or more in advance, is an excellent way to make sure your travels are smooth sailing all the way. Once your seats are booked, they're yours and yours alone. When traveling overseas, this kind of peace of mind is priceless. Next is to complete the ticketing procedure. So let's quickly outline the last few steps to take to get you on your bus.

Collecting your bus tickets

Quick reminder: Upon completing your online booking payment, you'll be sent a confirmation email that includes the details of your booking. These include the bus company selected, your departure date and time, your seat number, as well as a booking confirmation code. This is an important email, because you'll need these details to collect your actual tickets at Larkin.

Avoid stress by booking your bus tickets online
Avoid stress by booking your bus tickets online

Now, to collect your tickets, just make your way to one of rows of ticket counters in Larkin. After informing the counter operator that you've already booked your journey, you'll be asked to show the details of your booking. You can use your device for this, but please make sure that all booking details are clearly visible on the screen.


Keep in mind that you'll also be asked to present your personal identification document. Typically, this is your passport, or your NRIC if you're Singaporean or PR. This ID check is to ensure that the booking and the passenger are a match.

You'll subsequently be handed an actual paper ticket. Be sure to hang on to this, because it tells you your journey details, the gate number you need to go to, as well as the number of the bus berths. The berths are the platforms your bus will be parked during boarding.

Ready to book your bus tickets now? Use below form. It's easy as 1-2-3.

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Booking your Causeway Links tickets online is recommended