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If you need a retail therapy fix whilst traveling, Johor Bahru is the place to go. JB has half a dozen superb shopping malls you simply have to try. Happy shopping!

Johor Bahru, Singapore's southern neighbor, hasn't only become the nation state's dedicated hinterland, but JB, as Johor Bahru is affectionately called, is actually on the cusp of developing into a veritable hotspot. Entertainment, leisure, hospitality, exciting retail, as well, of course, a significant transport hub. JB has it all -- in spades.

So, if you're passing through JB on your way to your next destination and you're in need of a retail therapy fix, then you've struck the jackpot. After all, JB offers no fewer than half a dozen excellent shopping malls, where one has a better selection of boutiques and department stores than the next. Absolute shopping heavens that you really shouldn't miss.

To name a few: City Square and Komtar, each within about a minute's stroll from the Malaysian Immigration Complex, CIQ. Both the City Square and Komtar Malls were completed relatively recently and it shows; their interior design is quite contemporary. The same can be said for their clientele; the shops in these malls are modern and retail offerings are typically trendy, with western and Asian fashion items available.

Generously represented are avant-garde apparel, exclusive timepieces and the latest in eyewear fashion. There are also a few kiosks that provide the kind of quirky fashionables that appeal to a more niche category of shoppers. No shortage of diversity here.

Johor Bahru, shopping mall paradise
Johor Bahru, shopping mall paradise

But you'll also find a number of local and globally renown franchise coffee shops, tearooms and delis, along with numerous internationally acclaimed restaurants, Asian, western and fusion.

However, the latest addition to the malls in JB is Mid Valley Southkey and it's considered JB's flagship shopping paradise. Cavernous, yet stylish and ever-bustling without being overly busy, Mid Valley Southkey's shops and restaurants have the perfect combination of form and function.

A word of warning, devoted shoppers will need more than a few hours to completely satisfy their shopping itch here.

Any questions about the shopping malls we have in Johor Bahru? Let us know.
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