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Causeway Link offers lots of bus routes to lots of destinations in Malaysia.

Causeway Link is a leading bus service provider, operating in Singapore, Johor Bahru and the rest of Malaysia. Causeway Link is renowned for its reliability, efficiency and commitment to passenger satisfaction. Let's take a closer look at what makes Causeway Link the preferred choice for both commuters and tourists, keen to travel from Singapore to Malaysia or vice versa.

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Services Offered:

Causeway Link boasts a comprehensive range of bus and express coach services, catering to a comprehensive range of transportation needs between Singapore and just about anywhere in Malaysia. From regular city routes to intercity connections, comfortable coach services and airport transfers, thanks to its extensive network, Causeway Link ensures seamless connectivity for passengers traveling across the region.

Modern Fleet:

With a contemporary fleet of well-maintained buses, equipped with spacious seating, seat belts, air con and various other onboard amenities, Causeway Link prioritizes passenger safety, comfort and affordability. Whether going to work, exploring tourist attractions, or embarking on a cross-country journey, passengers can expect a safe, pleasant and enjoyable travel experience onboard Causeway Link.

Convenient Ticketing Options:

Causeway Link provides passengers with numerous ticketing options, including online booking, credit cards, as well as a range of payment apps and other virtual options. Given these multiple channels available for reserving tickets, travelers are able to easily plan and manage their journeys with flexibility and convenience.

Customer Service Excellence:

Committed to delivering top-notch customer service, Causeway Link strives to exceed passenger expectations at every touchpoint. From friendly, knowledgeable staff to responsible bus captains, to proactive customer support channels, travelers can rely on Causeway Link for safe trips, timely arrivals and plenty of customer care along the way.

Bon Voyage!

Causeway Link has been the go-to bus service provider for any and all journeys between Singapore and Malaysia for decades, the number one choice for a generation of Singaporeans and Malaysians. Looking for a hassle-free and comfortable travel experience? Causeway Link is the way to go.

Causeway Link
Causeway Link

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